Geraldine Lozano is a conceptual artist based out of Brooklyn, New York. Her work transcends mediums, from photo, video performance to public artwork. Her video installation work has been funded by the Creative Work Fund and the Zellerbach Foundation of San Francisco, California. Lozano’s public art can be seen outside the History Museum of El Paso, and in the architecturally integrated art of porcelain screens set into bus shelters of the new rapid system of Sun Metro. Gera, as she as also known in the art world, creates contemporary artwork that is conscious and provocative. Her studio work and public art work reflect the spirit of place, culture and/or dreams. Lozano has an archeological approach to research, and filters through a hypersensitive identity of displacement, to create pieces that honor the energy of each place or concept transformed to art.

I am a editor of reality and a preserver of ethereal, psychological, and physical spaces. In my art, I map intimate and public experiences with a heightened sense of awareness of exotic and globalized natures of existence. I investigate attachments to place, culture, identity, and desire. I use photo, video, & sculpture to shift into a self-referential transitive pattern filter, and integrate the feminine body as a vehicle, and a critical site of personal and political power.

As a public artist, I am passionate about the beautification of public spaces, community empowerment & art as a healing tool. Public Art brings forth the magic and wonder of its natural environment. I believe the word “public” in Public Art is the people, the history, and natural phenomena of the place.  My process includes translating inspirations into art by researching, and documenting the distinctive characteristics of each site. Always honoring the original spirit of each project in my artwork, by transforming the history & energy of the place into pieces that exists organically and harmoniously in its surroundings.