Gera Lozano is a conceptual artist based out of Brooklyn, New York. Using photo, video performance, artist books, and public art in her practice of conscious work, Lozano’s practice intentionally beautifies and brings to light both sacred patterns, and the patterns woven into our social fabric.
Her art work has been funded by the NEA, Creative Work Fund, and the Zellerbach Foundation. Both her studio and public art work carry the spirit of cultures and dreams. GERALUZ, as she is also known in the street art world, projects designs of living cultures that reflect the energetic fields optical of perception.


In mapping intimate and public experiences, with a heightened sense of awareness of the natural globalization of existence, I am an editor of reality. My work aims to invoke the intrinsic aspects of preserving spaces and their ethereal, psychological, and physical nature.               I investigate attachments to place, culture, identity, and desire. My survey of ancient histories, alongside the current zeitgeist, formulates a living culture where myths and rituals reignite lost connections. Focused on reawakening notions of femininity and indigeneity viamixed-media modes. I use art as a tool for shifting into a transitive filter to integrate the feminine body as a vehicle, and a critical site of personal and political power.

As a Public Artist, I am passionate about the beautification of public spaces, community empowerment & art as a healing tool. Public Art brings forth the magic and wonder of its natural environment. I believe the word “public” in Public Art is the people, the history, and natural phenomena of the place.  My process includes an archaeological approach to research, and documenting the distinctive characteristics of each place. Honoring the original spirit of the site, and transforming the history & energy of the place into pieces that exists organically and harmoniously in their surroundings